Fiddlers Elbow are: Wolfy O’Hare, Gus Wilson, Sam Martyn and Phil Proctor, from East Yorkshire.

Wolfy specialises in all manner of weird and wonderful instruments, generally of the early music variety, from stringed things such as the viola da gamba and the viola d’amore, as well as woodwind from a genuine 17th-century flute to the serpent, which is thought to originate from 16th-century France.

Gus is the rhythm guitarist, the meat on the bones, the glue that holds it all together. He’s a former member of 1970s Hull band the Crack. Who? Well, if you can’t remember them, you clearly weren’t there. Or maybe that means you were. Anyway…

Sam is the youngest member of the band, and plays whistle and harmonium. She’s Gus’s niece, and her suggestion to call us The Band from Uncle was vetoed outright.

Phil is the most recent member of the band and comes from a full career playing lead guitar in rock and pop music. He was intrigued when Wolfy offered him the chance for a change